Valuable Talks

This is a collection of valuable talks on a variety of topics.

Interesting / Useful Concepts

The principle of explosion

There is a concept called the principle of explosion in mathematics. The principle of explosion says that if you can get 1 contradiction through airport security you can blow up the universe. As soon as you allow a single contradiction in the unity of knowledge, everything can be proven — so everything becomes meaningless. So the game, in some sense, in mathematics, becomes: let’s take all those beautiful things that you believe. So you just enunciated some, I enunciated some — throw them all in. Instead of saying what’s true and what isn’t true — you say: are these compatible? 

Startups / Digital Products

“Making something becomes the most important thing, even if that thing is nothing, because it starts this process of forward momentum”

Iterative Drawing (The fastest way to develop your creative intuition)

If you’re analytically inclined (as opposed to creative intuitively) the best way to practice your intuition is by iterative drawing. Instead of drawing an entire character and carefully thinking about the best practices and frameworks, draw 20 heads and play around by putting the eyes and noses in slightly different places. See what the effect is. This is how you can develop intuition for this type of work.

How to invent the future I – Michael Kay

How to invent the future II – Michael Kay