Building a Breakup Recovery Solution for Men: May 2016 Update


It’s been a while since my initial introduction to this project.

As has been the case in the past, I have found it difficult to consistently work on this project. There are several reasons for this:

  1. It is not my favorite subject. Although I like the idea of helping others, digging into my own breakup (more than 6 years ago now), is not always easy. It’s hard to remember everything but also trying to remember the details of your sadness isn’t the most pleasant activity.
  2. Writing a book is hard. The main thing I continue to work on is a breakup recovery manual for men. I’m afraid I’ve gone a bit overboard on the level of references I want and the amount of topics I want to cover. I repeatedly get lost in trying to organise ideas.
  3. It feels like an area that I’ve explored already and therefore it doesn’t feel very exciting. I know this isn’t really true, because I haven’t turned this into a profitable business yet, but still I find myself being drawn to other areas such as web development or history.

Book Draft

Following lean startup best practices I’ve published a rough, dirty, draft on leanpub, but I really am embarrassed at its current state. I haven’t even included half of the chapters I intend to include and many segments are just slapped together without considering the flow of the story.

An example showcasing the embarrassing state of the manuscript.


The good news is that I have received a total fo 45 downloads, some of which are paid. I haven’t received any feedback yet, but also no complaints.

Leanpub purchases for "The Breakup Recovery Manual For Men".

Email Coaching

I’ve now also added back the option to set up email coaching with me using gumroad. For $20/month people are able to get unlimited email coaching from me. I had this option on my the website before, and 2 people signed up who ended up never answering to my emails.

Screenshot of the gumroad button linking to the salespage for email coaching on RBR.

Next Steps

Next steps are to continue with the book and to slowly become more comfortable with the site’s code base.