Digitally rendered 3D elevation + 1798 political map of Switzerland


I came across the maps of Scott Reinhard (opens in a new tab) on Twitter and I fell down the rabbit hole of the art of combining old maps with modern 3D elevation data. This is what I was able to create playing around with QGis, Blender 3D and Photoshop:

(opens in a new tab)

Inspired by the work of Scott Reinhard (opens in a new tab).

Thanks to Daniel P. Huffman (opens in a new tab) for the tutorial that got me started, and to Andrew Tyrrell (opens in a new tab) for his hint towards georeferencing.

Original map (opens in a new tab)

Elevation data from Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (opens in a new tab).

Made with QGis, Blender3D and Photoshop.