Weekly Crystallizations

This is the welcome email that goes out to new subscribers of Weekly Crystallizations.

It also serves as my best attempt to date (for better or worse) at describing the core thesis for Weekly Crystallizations.

Welcome to Weekly Crystallizations!

Here’s a quick overview what you signed up for.

The problem

On the internet, anyone can become a broadcaster of information. The good news is that it empowers citizen journalists and independent thinkers, the bad news is that it gives a lot of idiots a megaphone. The result is that a lot of good information gets crowded out by noise. The amount of noise is so large, no single entity will be able to clean it up for you.

The cleaning up of the world’s information network needs to be done by the nodes of the network itself. We can collectively clean up our information ecology if enough of us commit to broadcasting cleaner information than what we consume.

The solution

Weekly Crystallizations is my attempt at taking in the information I consume on a weekly basis, and synthesizing it, reducing the noise and isolating the signal. What stories are developing, what patterns are emerging? In other words, what is crystallizing every week?

The current format is a weekly email of highlighted tweets with my commentary. As of this writing it’s highly COVID-19 focused, only because that’s one of the main things dominating the world stage as of this writing.

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