How to change the name of a custom next component.


When you deploy a custom next component to your instance it may show up with the name "My Component", but you'd like to give it a custom name.

Where do you set the name?


You can set the name of the component by setting the label field in the now-ui.json file in the root of the component directory.

// now-ui.js
  "components": {
    "x-733577-movie-quotes": {
      "innerComponents": [],
      "uiBuilder": {
        "associatedTypes": ["global.core", "global.landing-page"],
        "label": "My Component", // << Change this
        "icon": "document-outline",
        "description": "A description of my component",
        "category": "primitives"
  "scopeName": "x_733577_myorg_m_0"