Scripted Automated Testing in ServiceNow

This is a collection of tips for automated programmatic testing in ServiceNow.

Add a comment which includes the name of the file to make your tests searchable

Server Side ATF Scripts don't have descriptive names in the platform. When they sync to your local machine through sn-script-sync, they show up as sys_atf_step records with names like RunServerSideScript-1771.variable-script. To make them easier to find, I add a comment on the first line with the name of the file. Then at least I can find them using CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + F in VS Code.

// ScriptIncludeName
describe('ScriptIncludeName tests', function () {
	it('should do something', function () {
		// test code

Using fit to focus on certain test cases

Define a variable outside of the describe block, so that you can set it in a beforeAll or beforeEach block and access it in an it block

Make sure you use getValue

Use toBe() so you can add the second argument

var grSysUser = new GlideRecord('sys_user');
// Expected Jesse to equal 'Jesse'.
// passes