How to store and retrieve an array of values in a sys_property

Sometimes you want to store (and later retrieve) an array of values in a single sys_property record. This is useful when, for instance, you want to display a UI action on incident records only for a whitelisted set of company records.

Storing this list as a sys_property has the added benefit that it can be edited by non-technical users and without the need for an update set.

Here's how it works:

Store a comma separated list of values in a sys_property

Retrieve the list of values from the sys_property and convert to an array

var arr = gs.getProperty('your_property','[]')
    .split(',') // split the string into an array
    .map(String.trim); // remove any leading/trailing whitespace

You can use this in a UI Action condition like so to only display the UI action for incident records with a company in the whitelist:

gs.getProperty('company_whitelist', '[]').split(',').map(String.trim).indexOf( > -1;