How to create a new table in ServiceNow without the u_ prefix

When you create a new table in ServiceNow, the system will default to prefixing the table name with u_. This is a common practice to avoid conflicts with system tables. However, there are cases where you might want to create a new table without the u_ prefix. Here's how you can do it:

In a background script execute the following:

var table_name = 'awesome_logging', // The technical tale name
	table_label = 'Awesome Logging', // The label of the table
	extends_table = 'syslog';
var attrsList = new;
var fieldName1 = 'Value';
var ca1 = new GlideColumnAttributes(fieldName1);
var fieldName2 = 'Project Id';
var ca2 = new GlideColumnAttributes(fieldName3);
attrsList.put(fieldName1, ca1);
attrsList.put(fieldName2, ca2);
var tc = new GlideTableCreator(table_name, table_label);
if (typeof extends_table != 'undefined') tc.setExtends(extends_table);

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