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My December 2018 Retrospective


January 07, 2019

Key accomplishments

Rapid Breakup Recovery

  • Got a local WP environment running with a proper git setup
  • 2 new blog posts
  • Created a list of podcasts to outreach to for a RBR podcast tour


  • Recorded 4 podcast interviews
  • Set up the Intercompanion website


  • Fixed a bug which made the app crash on older Android devices
  • Made a nicer placeholder website


  • Did my November 2018 retrospective (first monthly retrospective)


  • Moved back to Switzerland and moved in with girlfriend
  • Imported all my accounts into my accounting software


  • Reading: Finished Start With Why by Simon Sinek (terrible book)

Monthly goal check-in

  • Writing
    • I only wrote 2 articles for RBR, but I was happy about their quality. Here I clearly set out to do too much.
      • 4 articles for RBR (failed, 2)
      • 1 article for Jesse MS (failed)
      • 2 articles for Intercompanion (failed)
  • Financial independence
    • I only made \$161.75 in December, all from RBR. I believe that the problem is that the objectives I set (below) for the month were not unambiguously going to lead to revenue. Going forward I will maintain a yearly target that I will check every month.
      • \$1000 income in December (failed)
      • Get up to speed with my accounting (failed)
      • Redesign RBR (success)
      • Outline a course (success)
      • Start a podcast tour (failed, only made a list of potential podcasts)
      • Launch Intercompanion podcast + website (failed, only launched the website)
      • Validate my positioning (failed)
      • Move from Drip to Intercom (failed)
      • Blog post about moving to intercom (failed)
      • Explore other opportunities (success)
      • Edit and publish old interviews (failed)
      • Create a consulting video (failed)
  • Full of love
    • Did well here, although not everything is reflected in these objectives.
      • Stay in touch with Indiehackers (success)
      • Stay in touch with friends (failed)
  • Seize every day
    • Found a gym and have been doing the 5x5 routine 3x a week
      • Figure out gym (success)
  • Reading
    • I'm trying to read more and more, but I haven't come up with a workflow that works for me yet. Overall I'm surprised how slow my progress is through any given book.
      • Come up with and stick with new reading / summarizing workflow (failed)
      • Read & summarize 4 books (failed, only finished 1)
      • Summarize past read books (failed)
  • Explore my subconscious and integrate my shadow
    • I was feeling very tense around money and sustaining myself in Switzerland. I explored this tension in my mind and I realized that  the worst possible scenario I could imagine would not be to run out of money, but to never actually be able to earn a reasonable amount of money. Speaking with one of my best friends he probed me further and helped me realize I was attaching feelings of being a failure to this scenario. The idea of never being able to make money has been making me feel tense because it makes me feel like a failure in the most profound sense of the word. Once I realized that, a lot of the tension disappeared. Now, I've probably landed my first client for my own product development business.
      • Daily reparenting exercise (success)
      • Daily shadow integration exercise (success)
      • Daily tapping exercise (success)
  • I am strong (physical strength)
    • Did well here
      • Stick with 5x5 routine
  • Travel
    • N/A

Time Spent

Time distribution vs  Project December 2018

Total: 104 hours (-50.2%)

Wow. I was really surprised to see that I logged 50% less hours than in November. November was my most productive month in Chiang Mai and in December I had to move back to Switzerland, get settled in with my girlfriend and I spent considerable time away from my computer during the holidays.

I spent my 28.3% (up from 7%) of my time on RBR. I'm happy with this amount as I wanted to focus more on this project in December.

I spent 13.9% (up from 5%) of my time on Intercompanion. I'm also happy with this amount as I've decided to focus more on this strategy for establishing a consulting arm.

I'm still a bit unsure how to approach the time tracking results. I've started doing time budgeting (setting a time target per category) on a weekly basis. I will start doing the same on a monthly basis starting in January.


Rapid Breakup Recovery

  • Coaching calls: \$47.75
  • Ebooks sales: \$114
  • Total: \$161.75 (-19.5%)

Grand Total



daylio stats december 300x297

I recorded 48% good moods (+3), 48% meh (+0) and 2% bad (-4). I continue to see an upward trend in my mood, albeit very slightly. I was interested to see how my monthly mood average would change going from being single and financially comfortable in Chiang Mai in November to being in a relationship and financially more strained in Switzerland in December. Even though my material quality of life has decreased, I'm happy my mood has remained stable.


What went well?

  • Setting monthly goals
  • Doing podcast interviews is fun and it's a great way to build relationships with others in your industry.

What did not go well?

  • Achieving my monthly goal
  • I set too many goals / objectives for the month
  • Failed to catch up on my accounting
  • I set a goal of achieving \$1000 in independent revenue in December and I fell quite a bit short of that. I even reviewed this goal almost every day, but I still didn't reach it.
  • Failed to write and publish 4 articles for RBR
  • Looking over this retrospective I feel my time was spread over many different projects. Although I enjoy working on different things, I can't help but think that I would accomplish more if I could focus.
  • Scheduling podcasts was a bit of a pain

What should I stop / not start doing?

  • Lower my estimates for the amount of tasks I think I can get done in a single month
  • Always have a podcast going

What should I start / continue doing?

  • I need to change my approach with regards to setting a monthly goal. Simply setting a goal and reviewing it is not enough for me. In other areas of my life when I set a goal I know more or less how I'm going to get there. In this case, I had no idea. I think revenue is still the right indicator to look at, but perhaps setting a 0-to-\$1000 goal (without a clear idea how to get there) is not the right approach. Instead I will be setting a yearly revenue goal in my yearly planning and I'll be checking in with that goal on a monthly basis.
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